World-class educational Seminars, Celebrities, Wine Tastings, Craft Beers, Spirits and Gourmet Food Highlight the 33rd Annual South Walton Beaches Wine & Food Festival April 25th – 28th The South Walton Beaches Wine & Food Festival has undoubtedly become one of the Southeast’s premier wine and food festivals. What’s not to love about a premier event […]


By Gregory D. McCluney Napa Valley: America’s Bordeaux Continues to Climb Is there another Bordeaux? In America? Probably not, especially if you ask the French. But the famous Paris (blind) tasting of 1976 revealed, even with French judges, that Napa wines could win the competition. This shocked the wine world, and Napa and California wines […]

By Gregory D. McCluney Why Tasting Wine Is a Brainy Task In terms of exercising your mental powers, few wine lovers are aware that the process of tasting is quite taxing. It’s more than the “sight, swirl, sniff, sip and swallow” we all learned in Wine Tasting 101. As it turns out, the brain takes […]

By Gregory D. McCluney South Walton Beaches Wine & Food Festival April 27 – 30, 2017 Wine Seminars, Tastings, Craft Beers, Spirits and Food Highlight the 32nd Annual South Walton Beaches Wine & Food Festival What’s not to like about a premier food and wine event in a great venue a stone’s throw from pristine […]

By Gregory D. McCluney The Cost of Drinking the Very Best You’ve had a really good year. You spent a fortune to attend the Super Bowl, but now it’s time to treat that special Valentine to some special wine. To drink the very best, you may have to call your banker, or at least your […]

In 2005, we decided to recreate a Chef’s Table experience we had (the idea of allowing guests to dine IN THE KITCHEN, thus watching Chef work) but rather than limit it to 4 guests, we would take it up to 20 guests.  And (unlike a restaurant) we would dedicate a sommelier to the table for […]

Cooking Classes at Vino Venu

Atlanta Wine School is thrilled to announce the launch of our formal Volunteer Assistant Program effective July 1, 2015. Each year we host hundreds of classes and private events, from wine appreciation and wine certification programs to international food and wine pairing classes and hands-on cooking classes.

Savor the best of California, Oregon and Washington, one bite or sip at a time. Enter the “Cowboys & Cabernet” photo contest for your chance to win tickets to VV’s Wine & Culinary Experience of the summer: Discover Best of the West!

It’s no surprise that customers rate the VV wine club #1 in Atlanta. In addition to competitive levels of membership, best overall value and the flexibility to choose from a wide selection of styles each month, the numerous other perks that come along with membership alone make this a must-do for the true wine lover.