You have several options at Vino Venue!

Reservation Guarantee

Although we do not take reservations for groups larger than 8, you may opt to do a Reservation Guarantee.  We will guarantee you a space for your event as well as appropriate staffing.  We can also have Enomatic cards, reception wine and/or apps ready for when you arrive!  And we waive the traditional $2 fee for Enomatic cards.  For this w ask that you agree to spend an average minimum of $30 per person before tax and gratuity.  We will send you a form to sign and hold a credit card on file.

If you would like to be sent the form for a Reservation Guarantee, please email us and request one.


20130407AWS_GWF1067_700-300x200Conduct Your Own Wine Tasting!

With our Enomatic machines you and your friends can come in, order food and experience a self-guided wine tasting.  With our knowledgeable staff at the ready to help if you need suggestions, you can peruse the 32 wines in our wine dispensing machines.  These machines allow you to choose a one ounce taste, half or full glass of wine.  There are detailed tasting notes posted just above each bottle!


tasting-at-the-bar-300x199Join us for a Saturday Tasting

Every Saturday from 3-5pm we offer something special, be it Burgers and Bordeaux or specials on our Enomatic cards.  See what’s coming up here.




team-300x242Take a Class

We offer wine and cooking classes, including private tutoring sessions.  From regional themes to advanced sushi classes, the options are endless.  Click here for more details.