Wine & Food Pairings

Taste wine like it was meant to be enjoyed, paired to perfection with regional recipes. Our wine pairing classes featuring wine and cuisine from around the world, provide a unique context for the education and enjoyment of wine appropriate for every level of interest and expertise. Click on the CALENDAR to view upcoming dates and availability.

Classes, Events & Gifts

Charcuterie Board Styling & Wine Pairing Demo

Learn the art of creating a stunning cheese and charcuterie board and pair it with party perfect wines! Our very own resident expert Executive Chef Patric will teach you the ins and outs of crafting the perfect show stopping board for your upcoming holiday celebrations. Learn board crafting basics including types of cheese, flavor profiles, textures, visual appeal, plating, accoutrements, aesthetics and wine pairings. Walk away with the skills to craft and style a customized board AND pair it with complementary wines like a professional time and time again! 


Fundamentals of Wine: Food Pairing 101

To experience a perfect pairing of wine and food is to experience magic. In this interactive class you’ll learn the strategies used by sommeliers to maximize the chances of making good or even great pairings by looking at basic pairing theories and experiencing how different styles of wine interact with primary flavor components.


Fundamentals of Wine: France!

Enjoy a tour of France through its famous wine regions- Champagne, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Loire, Alsace, and more. And what's better than French wine? French wine paired with a taste of traditional cuisine, of course! 


Fundamentals of Wine: Greece!

Greece has been home to winemaking for more than 6,000 years and grapes are grown on just about every inch of its beautiful landscape. But just how much do you know about Greek wines like Assyrtiko and Retsina? 



Fundamentals of Wine: Italy!

Ahh the Tuscan Life! 40% hills, 40% mountains. Surrounded by 4 seas, and separated from the European continent via the Alps. One can stand on the southern-most tip of the country and see North Africa. This is Italy (Enotria--the land of wine). We will provide a tasting of regional Italian dishes, including salumi, antipasto, pasta and fantastic wines.




Fundamentals of Wine: Spain & Portugal!

Wine, cuisine trends, even actors, celebrities, olympians and race-car drivers--we are living in the NEW Age of Spain. Join us for an in-depth tasting of this diverse wine producer.  We'll taste 7-9 wines and have a taste of authentic tapas.



Off the Beaten Path: Oregon Wine Trail

Join us to explore the richness of Oregon’s unique terroir, varied climate, passionate winemakers, wide variety of grapes from Arneis to Zinfandel and a taste of the region’s mouthwatering farm-to-table cuisine. Experience the fine wines and pioneering spirit of Oregon in an educational, interactive tasting of unexpected whites, legacy pinot noir and delightful surprises in between.



Off the Beaten Path: Roaming the Rhône Valley

Discover the 2nd largest wine-producing region in France, the Rhône Valley. Known for its spicy aromatics, range of styles, sun-baked vineyards and rich history, the wines of the Rhône attract global attention exerting a huge influence on wines produced all over the world. 


Perfect Pairings: Wine & Artisanal Cheese

Sip and savor your way through the history of the perfect marriage of cheese and wine pairings in this interactive and educational class. In addition to learning about general pairing guidelines and suggestions, your sommelier instructor and cheese aficionado will discuss the cheese making process, history of cheese, main types of cheese and general composition of cheese and wine. 



Perfect Pairings: Wine, Cheese & Chocolate

Fine wine meets creamy cheeses and decadent desserts in this educational experience featuring unexpected, yet unforgettable pairings. Sip and savor several of history’s greatest indulgences and discover the symmetry and harmony that stems from a perfect pairing.


Saturday Tasting: Burgers & Bordeaux

Bar Tastings:  Our tasting fee for the Bar Tastings is usually $20 and it runs from 3:00-5:00pm. You'll taste 6-9 new wines. We offer some small nibbles on the house and our regular menu is available! Most of the wines we highlight are under $25 retail. For more detail call us at 770-668-0435 x0.



Terroir Showdown: Australia vs New Zealand

In this showdown from down under, we will explore these two relatively recent world wine powerhouses producing some of the most popular wines available in every category and style. Much more than just Shiraz and Sauvignon Blanc, the wine growing regions of Australia and New Zealand offer great value and diversity of style. 


Terroir Showdown: Battle of the Pinot Noirs

The process of turning pinot noir grapes into wine can be challenging and no two regions around the world do it quite the same. The result is often called "sex in a glass," so get ready for an evening of sensory excitement in a comparative tasting like no other!



Terroir Showdown: Germany & Austria!

In this Alpine showdown, we will explore the Mosel and Rhine areas of Germany and the beautiful wine regions of eastern Austria. Discover that, in fact, most Rieslings are not sweet!  Learn the beautifully logical system of classifying German and Austrian wines and amaze your friends with your new-found knowledge! Try, for perhaps the first time, delicious Austrian wines, perfect for Atlanta’s warm sultry summers and enjoy authentic German foods prepared by our executive Chef.


Terroir Showdown: Que Syrah Sirah

What's in a name? In this fun and educational class we’ll explore the mind boggling difference between Syrah, Shiraz and Petite Sirah through an interactive tasting. You will learn what distinguishes the various Syrah/Shiraz growing regions around the world, how the wine styles and traditions differ, and what makes each distinct from the other. You’ll also learn that there is nothing small about Petite Sirah and though the grapes are demonstrably different, they weave a similar pattern of style and location to Syrah, complementing each other on the journey from vine to wine. Experience this delicious journey with a few of Chef’s complementary tastes!


VIRTUAL TASTING: Castilla y Leon, Spain with Eric Crane

Since you can’t visit wine country, we’re bringing wine country to your living room! Join us weekly for a live, interactive tastings with winemakers, winery owners and other friends of Vino Venue. Wines presented will be available for sale at Vino Venue so you can taste along for the ultimate sensory experience. Zoom invitation will be shared upon purchase of two or more bottles of wine*.

Wine & DIY Workshop with AR Chamblee

This class will be held at Vino Venue, home of Atlanta Wine School, located at:

4478 Chamblee Dunwoody Road
Dunwoody, GA 30338

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