International Travel Itinerary Services

International Travel Itinerary Services
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Travel Itinerary Service



Want to get into into "by-appointment-only" wineries?

Let us coordinate your travel.

We'll use our clout to get get some of your tasting fees waived, handle lunch/dinner and
accomodations recommendations and reservations, and arrange VIP treatment during your visits.



Service will include:


  • Using Atlanta Wine School's collective knowledge and connections, AWS will:
    • Get you into "by-appointment-only" wineries,
    • Get some of your tasting fees waived,
    • Handle lunch/dinner and accommodations recommendations/reservations,
    • And arrange VIP treatment during your visits.
  • Your charge is PER DAY for a group up to four (4) persons. We will contact you within 48 hours of your purchase.  We require 12 weeks advance notice for this service.