Wine Classes

Designed for anyone who desires to learn about wine in an environment that is fun, creative and inviting, our fundamentals classes, wine pairing classes and certification programs are ideal whether you are looking to experience something new, further your lifelong passion for wine or discover a new career path. Click on the calendar tab above to view available dates.


Designed for anyone who desires to learn about wine in an environment that is fun, creative and inviting. Our recreational courses are ideal whether you are looking to further your lifelong passion for wine or discover a new career path. Click on the CALENDAR to view upcoming dates and availability.

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Designed for wine professionals and enthusiasts who wish to study to advance their career or knowledge, we offer programs such as Certified Specialist of Wine, WSET and Italian Wine Professional, as well as, online courses. Our students have the advantage of personalized instruction by credentialed educators, classroom exercises, practice exams and organized tastings. Click on the CALENDAR to view upcoming dates and availability.

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Wine & Food Pairings

Taste wine like it was meant to be enjoyed, paired to perfection with regional recipes. Our wine pairing classes featuring wine and cuisine from around the world, provide a unique context for the education and enjoyment of wine appropriate for every level of interest and expertise. Click on the CALENDAR to view upcoming dates and availability.

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Terroir Showdown: Napa vs Sonoma

The showdown you've been waiting for is here. Year after year, Napa Valley and Sonoma set the standard for quality wines from the United States. Collectively known as California wine country, side by side and separated by a mountain range, these renowned wine regions are far from interchageable. Do you prefer the glitz and glamor of iconic Napa Valley or the laid back, off the beaten path charm of Sonoma? 


Northern Italian Flight Fest!

Spring into summer at the latest addition to our popular Discover festival series. Also known as rosato in Italy, rosado in Spain, and #summerwater on social media, by any other name, a rosé is still one of the most fashionable summer swirls to top a stem. Enjoy unlimited tastings of palate-pleasing, stylish sips with Chef’s complementary culinary creations. There’s never been a more delicious time to get your #rosévibes on!


Délices de France: French Wine & Cheese Pairings

Sip and savor your way through the history of the perfect marriage of cheese and wine pairings in this interactive and educational class. In addition to learning about general pairing guidelines and suggestions, your sommelier instructor and cheese aficionado will discuss the cheese making process, history of cheese, main types of cheese and general composition of cheese and wine. 



Discover France Wine & Food Festival

Discover France one bite or sip at a time with a general admission ticket to Vino Venue's French Wine and Culinary Experience. Indulge yourself with unlimited tastings of French food and wine. Enjoy wines from Champagne, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Rhone, Alsace, Languedoc and cuisine like cheeses, pate', and authentic dishes like cassoulet, mushroom/gruyere tarts, onion tarts, escargot, and more.


Burgundy: The World’s Most Sought After Wines
Travel with Preston Mohr, Wine Advisor at Château de Pommard, on a virtual journey to the storied vineyards of Burgundy. Taste and compare the multiple expressions of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay while we travel across Burgundy’s rich maze of villages and terroirs. With ideal soils and exposure to the sun, the distinct terroirs of the area have proven to be a perfect fit for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Allow Preston to help you understand this historic and complex region that makes the world’s most sought after wines. 

Champagne: King of Wines & Wine of Kings

No other wine in the world screams opulence and luxury more than Champagne. The timeless classic is the drink of celebration and status, a worldly swirl of tiny bubbles that embodies elegance, success and joie de vivre. And despite sparkling wines being produced all over the world through identical techniques, there is only one Champagne.


My Big Fat Italian Wine: Luxury Wines of Italy

Join us as we delve into the darker, more brooding, more masculine world of flavors of Italy’s best-known and most expensive wines, named for their regions and known for their longevity, structure, acidity and food friendliness. Explore the similarities and differences of these luxury wines in terms of grape variety, wine structure, style, expression, terroir factors and experience for yourself what makes these famous denominations so very special. 




Castello di Ama Wine Dinner

Experience Tuscany through the wines of Castello di Ama paired to perfection with traditional recipes in an unforgettable six course wine dinner. The wines presented range in retail from $30 to over $100. 


Travel: Epicurean Luxury in Southern Tuscany and Umbria

Italy is the second largest wine producer in the world after France! This means there is literally something for every oenophile in Italy -a vast array of reds, a variety of whites, sparkling wine even Vin Santo. In addition to the beautiful wines of Tuscany we will explore historic towns, the cheese making process, hunt for truffles and find time to enjoy our stunning villa and all of its luxuries! The long-lasting culinary traditions and history are so compelling. We will experience all this and more in southern Tuscany and Umbria.

Travel: Gastronomic Treasures of Portugal

Discover the Douro Valley and the wine areas surrounding Lisbon.  We will take a day cruise on the Douro River winery hopping, introduce you to traditional Portuguese cuisine, explore local markets and taste liqueurs first made by monks centuries ago.

Travel: Harvest Time in Spain

Experience 5 of the top producing areas of Spain, from delicate Cava to hearty Priorat Garnachas. And the cuisine is not to be overlooked! We will sample Spain's traditional asadors as well as their avant-garde Michelin star restaurants. 

Travel: Stock the Cellar Trip to Sonoma

It’s not a coincidence that Winter WINEland will be celebrated in Sonoma during our travels. Over 40 participating wineries will have unique tastings including vertical tastings. Many will also have special pricing on their wine. It’s a great time to stock up. We will visit several of these wineries as well as some of our other favorites and spend some time on the coast including enjoying oysters by the bay. Join us for this winter escape!

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