Wine Classes

Designed for anyone who desires to learn about wine in an environment that is fun, creative and inviting, our fundamentals classes, wine pairing classes and certification programs are ideal whether you are looking to experience something new, further your lifelong passion for wine or discover a new career path. Click on the calendar tab above to view available dates.


Designed for anyone who desires to learn about wine in an environment that is fun, creative and inviting. Our recreational courses are ideal whether you are looking to further your lifelong passion for wine or discover a new career path. Click on the CALENDAR to view upcoming dates and availability.

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Designed for wine professionals and enthusiasts who wish to study to advance their career or knowledge, we offer programs such as Certified Specialist of Wine, WSET and Italian Wine Professional, as well as, online courses. Our students have the advantage of personalized instruction by credentialed educators, classroom exercises, practice exams and organized tastings. Click on the CALENDAR to view upcoming dates and availability.

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Wine & Food Pairings

Taste wine like it was meant to be enjoyed, paired to perfection with regional recipes. Our wine pairing classes featuring wine and cuisine from around the world, provide a unique context for the education and enjoyment of wine appropriate for every level of interest and expertise. Click on the CALENDAR to view upcoming dates and availability.

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Classes, Events & Gifts

Fundamentals of Wine: Beginners Only

Come to terms with the world of wine in a special tasting that helps you understand wine and how it’s made, while learning about key varietals and regions so you can express yourself and truly enjoy what’s in your glass. In this unique class, you’ll enjoy tasting a variety of wines while an expert (wine coach) explains common expressions and key characteristics used to explain each wine. You will also learn the lexicon of wine, food & wine pairing basics, buying/storing/serving tips, and all the while expand your palate and discover new favorites. Learning about wine has never been easier or more fun!



Perfect Pairings: Wine & Artisanal Cheese

Sip and savor your way through the history of the perfect marriage of cheese and wine pairings in this interactive and educational class. In addition to learning about general pairing guidelines and suggestions, your sommelier instructor and cheese aficionado will discuss the cheese making process, history of cheese, main types of cheese and general composition of cheese and wine. 


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Fundamentals of Wine: Italy!

Ahh the Tuscan Life! 40% hills, 40% mountains. Surrounded by 4 seas, and separated from the European continent via the Alps. One can stand on the southern-most tip of the country and see North Africa. This is Italy (Enotria--the land of wine). We will provide a tasting of regional Italian dishes, including salumi, antipasto, pasta and fantastic wines.




Fundamentals of Wine: Taste Like A Pro

Using your powers of observation, your sense of smell, and solid wine information (and process of elimination), one can deduce the identity of a wine. Notice during this process you haven't even tasted the wine! Yes, it can be done. Which means it can be taught!


Sommelier Smackdown: Man (Or Woman) vs. Wine!

Professional Sommeliers come together in a challenge for sharpest palate! When it comes to tasting blind, who will be the best? But that's not all. Not only do you get to watch, learn, and absorb how the Pro's do it--you will be tasting the SAME WINES blind right along with them!


Terroir Showdown: Battle of the Pinot Noirs

The process of turning pinot noir grapes into wine can be challenging and no two regions around the world do it quite the same. The result is often called "sex in a glass," so get ready for an evening of sensory excitement in a comparative tasting like no other!



Discover France Wine & Food Festival

Discover France one bite or sip at a time with a general admission ticket to Vino Venue's French Wine and Culinary Experience. Indulge yourself with unlimited tastings of French food and wine. Enjoy wines from Champagne, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Rhone, Alsace, Languedoc and cuisine like cheeses, pate', and authentic dishes like cassoulet, mushroom/gruyere tarts, onion tarts, escargot, and more.


Fundamentals of Wine: France!

Enjoy a tour of France through its famous wine regions- Champagne, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Loire, Alsace, and more. And what's better than French wine? French wine paired with a taste of traditional cuisine, of course! 


Volunteer Assistant Orientation

Each year we host hundreds of classes and private events, from wine appreciation and wine certification programs, to international food and wine pairing classes and hands-on cooking classes. The dedicated group of loyal volunteers that supports our VV staff helps us keep things running efficiently and smoothly. The success of this vibrant program has also been critical to the growth of Atlanta Wine School allowing us to continue to provide our customers with the level of variety and excellence that they’ve come to expect from us.


Fundamentals of Wine: Spain!

Wine, cuisine trends, even actors, celebrities, olympians and race-car drivers--we are living in the NEW Age of Spain. Join us for an in-depth tasting of this diverse wine producer.  We'll taste 7-9 wines and have a taste of authentic tapas.



Judgment of Paris

Before 1976, no one considered California to be a producer of quality wine. The Judgment of Paris changed this forever. This wine competition, organized by Stephen Spurrier (a British wine merchant), included two blind tastings carried out by French judges. One tasting involved top quality Chardonnay and the other Bordeaux versus California Cabernet Sauvignon. California topped France in both categories putting it on the map as a top producer of quality wine. Join us for this interactive class in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the vinous shot heard around the world, where we will taste through current vintages of six to eight wines that were seen at the competition. 


Discover Spain Wine & Food Festival

Discover the best of Spain one bite or sip at a time with admission to Vino Venue's Wine and Culinary Experience. Throughout this two hour walk-around festival, a multitude of different wines from Spain will be accompanied by unlimited samplings of fresh and flavorful cuisine, including live Chef stations!


Bubbles & All That Sparkles

Who doesn’t love a class that’s all about bubbles? Sparkling wines are undoubtedly fun, sophisticated and capable of turning any moment into a grand celebration. This educational class will feature our favorite bubbles from around the world including Champagne, Cava, Prosecco and so much more!


Perfect Pairings: Wine, Cheese & Chocolate

Fine wine meets creamy cheeses and decadent desserts in this educational experience featuring unexpected, yet unforgettable pairings. Sip and savor several of history’s greatest indulgences and discover the symmetry and harmony that stems from a perfect pairing.


Fundamentals of Wine: Greece!

Greece has been home to winemaking for more than 6,000 years and grapes are grown on just about every inch of its beautiful landscape. But just how much do you know about Greek wines like Assyrtiko and Retsina? 



Terroir Showdown: Napa vs Sonoma

The showdown you've been waiting for is here. Year after year, Napa Valley and Sonoma set the standard for quality wines from the United States. Collectively known as California wine country, side by side and separated by a mountain range, these renowned wine regions are far from interchageable. Do you prefer the glitz and glamor of iconic Napa Valley or the laid back, off the beaten path charm of Sonoma? 


Behind the Label: Show me the Money!

Have you ever wondered what goes into pricing wine? What do you really get when you spend a lot more on a special bottle of wine and what’s the real difference between a $10 bottle and a $40 bottle of wine? Join us for Show me the money and find out!


Terroir Showdown: Burgundy vs Bordeaux
The showdown you've been waiting for is here. Year after year, Burgundy and Bordeaux set the standard for quality wines around the world. Join us for an in-depth, comparative tasting and study of terroir of two of the most notable wine regions globally. of , from Burgundy to Bordeaux. You will taste eight (8) typical, quality wines, each showing specific terroir characteristics based on their superior growing area along with Chef's choice of appetizers.

My Big Fat Italian Wine: Luxury Wines of Italy

Join us as we delve into the darker, more brooding, more masculine world of flavors of Italy’s best-known and most expensive wines, named for their regions and known for their longevity, structure, acidity and food friendliness. Explore the similarities and differences of these luxury wines in terms of grape variety, wine structure, style, expression, terroir factors and experience for yourself what makes these famous denominations so very special. 




Rosé All Day Flight Fest!

Spring into summer at the latest addition to our popular Discover festival series. Also known as rosato in Italy, rosado in Spain, and #summerwater on social media, by any other name, a rosé is still one of the most fashionable summer swirls to top a stem. Enjoy unlimited tastings of palate-pleasing, stylish sips with Chef’s complementary culinary creations. There’s never been a more delicious time to get your #rosévibes on!


Terroir Showdown: Germany & Austria!

In this Alpine showdown, we will explore the Mosel and Rhine areas of Germany and the beautiful wine regions of eastern Austria. Discover that, in fact, most Rieslings are not sweet!  Learn the beautifully logical system of classifying German and Austrian wines and amaze your friends with your new-found knowledge! Try, for perhaps the first time, delicious Austrian wines, perfect for Atlanta’s warm sultry summers and enjoy authentic German foods prepared by our executive Chef.


Italia! An educational wine & cheese experience with Chef & Sommelier Roberto Crocenzi

Meet our dear friend Chef, Sommelier & certified Cheese Master, Roberto, from Tuscany! This fall you don’t have to travel far to experience the Tuscan way of life, cuisine and wine. Join us for a one-of-a-kind immersion into the wines and cheeses of the global cuisine and wine-mecca that is Italy, and understand the historical and cultural influences which have shaped the culture as we know today.



Burgundy: The World’s Most Sought After Wines
Travel with Preston Mohr, Wine Advisor at Château de Pommard, on a virtual journey to the storied vineyards of Burgundy. Taste and compare the multiple expressions of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay while we travel across Burgundy’s rich maze of villages and terroirs. With ideal soils and exposure to the sun, the distinct terroirs of the area have proven to be a perfect fit for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Allow Preston to help you understand this historic and complex region that makes the world’s most sought after wines. 

Think Pink: 50 Shades of Rosé

You think you know rosé. Perhaps you love it, or hate it, but do you really understand its broad range of styles and possibilities? Taste a wide variety of rosé wines from sparkling to rich and complex to sweet. There’s something for everyone when it comes to this often misunderstood variety. Which style will you prefer?


Castello di Ama Wine Dinner

Experience Tuscany through the wines of Castello di Ama paired to perfection with traditional recipes in an unforgettable six course wine dinner. The wines presented range in retail from $30 to over $100. 


TASTING: Clos Pegase & Swanson Vineyards

Experience the best of Napa Valley through the wines of Clos Pegase and Swanson presented by winemaker Robin Akhurst and paired to perfection with traditional recipes in an unforgettable multi course wine dinner. The seven wines presented range in retail from $20 to $115. 


Coop & Vine: A Wine & Food Festival

Our Discover festival series meets Little Red Rooster Restaurant Pop-Up in this walk-around, high energy tasting event. This Spring festival will feature unlimited tastings of Chef’s Little Red Rooster classic chicken creations along with complementary wines and craft beers.


Champagne: King of Wines & Wine of Kings

No other wine in the world screams opulence and luxury more than Champagne. The timeless classic is the drink of celebration and status, a worldly swirl of tiny bubbles that embodies elegance, success and joie de vivre. And despite sparkling wines being produced all over the world through identical techniques, there is only one Champagne.


Terroir Showdown: Napa vs Bordeaux

The showdown you've been waiting for is here. Year after year, Napa Valley and Bordeaux set the standard for quality wines around the world. Taste Cabernet, Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc-based wines from two of the most renowned wine regions in a comparative tasting like no other. 


Terroir Showdown: Australia vs New Zealand

In this showdown from down under, we will explore these two relatively recent world wine powerhouses producing some of the most popular wines available in every category and style. Much more than just Shiraz and Sauvignon Blanc, the wine growing regions of Australia and New Zealand offer great value and diversity of style.