Fundamentals of Wine ONLINE

Fundamentals of Wine ONLINE
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Fundamentals of Wine Online
An Educational Online Wine Experience


Our fundamentals online class is designed to provide you with a comprehensive introduction to the world of wine. Certified Sommelier Kelly Wheeler will help you gain more in-depth knowledge such as understanding the major varietals and their typical characteristics, key wine regions around the world, winemaking processes, and basic food pairings. Most importantly, this course will provide you with the tools to become a better wine taster and deepen your appreciation for wine while giving you a broader perspective and an expanded vocabulary.

Class Learning Objectives:

-learn about key varietals

-learn about key wine regions

-learn common varietal expressions & characteristics

-understand the lexicon of wine & tasting terminology

-understand food & wine pairing basics

-understand wine buying/storing/serving

-expand the palate

Course Fees Include:

-Live online interactive presentation

-Suggested wine samples (available for sale at Vino Venue for curbside pick up)

-Copy of the presentation slides

-Link with materials will be provided a few days before the course via email