New World vs Old World ONLINE: Pinot Noir

New World vs Old World ONLINE: Pinot Noir
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New World vs Old World Online: Pinot Noir
An Educational Online Wine Experience


The online comparative series you've been waiting for is here! "Old World" and "New World” - two terms that spark debate among wine lovers around the world, yet so often misunderstood and thrown about broadly without fully understanding the difference between the two styles. 

Do you prefer the austere, terroir-driven restraint of the old world or the youthful, fruit-driven exuberance of the new world? And what about those wines that break the mold, usurping stereotypes as a result of the winemaker’s whim in the face of tradition and common practice? 

During this one-hour educational and comparative tasting, you will learn what distinguishes these two areas, how their wine styles and traditions differ, and what makes each distinct from the other. 

Sit back and relax as your sommelier instructor sets the stage for an unforgettable, educational wine experience. Our wine classes provide a unique context for the enjoyment of wine appropriate for every level of interest and expertise.

Throughout the evening, you will learn about the history, culture and language of wine through visual presentations, commentary and anecdotes from our personal experiences. And best of all, you’ll leave us with greater confidence, passion and understanding of the grapes so you can ultimately experience the pleasure of wine.

The two wines presented are available for sale and curbside pick up at Vino Venue. 

Course Fees Include:

-Live online interactive presentation

-Suggested wine samples (available for sale at Vino Venue for curbside pick up)

-Copy of the presentation slides

-Link with materials will be provided a few days before the course via email