ddd-300x200Great for companies looking to increase productivity, employee satisfaction and ROI!  Plus it’s just a whole lot of fun!  Expected outcomes of this experience can include:

A new team or new team member introduction
Creative problem solving
Heightening collaboration
Increasing communication
Morale boosting
Idea sharing
Uncovering new talents!

For all of our event options we can incorporate team building activities whether it’s two Chef teams pitting against each other, blind tastings, mystery ingredient challenges, trivia games, community services — making meals for those less fortunate — the options are endless.

We can also provide prizes for your winners from our retail selections.  Please ask for us to include this option in your formal quote.

8 years, Over 45,000 Guests, A Million memories

Throw Down Cooking Competition – our most popular option!

As your guests arrive they will be welcomed into the AWS Chef’s Kitchen.  They will have a striking view of an impressive open kitchen, sponsored by Dacor.  The venue is professional, state-of-the-art, and comfortable.  They will next be introduced to their personal Chefs and culinary coaches who will provide an overview of what to expect.  Guests will don their aprons.  We’ll split your guests into two teams, each led by a Chef and each team preparing the same meal.  The teams will duel it out in the kitchen and judges will declare the winner!  They will also be invited to enjoy two wines while cooking and some light nibbles.

team-300x242During your event, the dialog with the Chefs will be entertaining for guests and will include suggestions on food preparation, wine pairing, creative interpretation of recipes, plating techniques and more.  When cooking concludes, the Guests will be served the meal they have created family-style along with a wine pairing.  Food will be judged on taste, creativity and appearance.

Wine…we started as the Atlanta Wine School over a decade ago so we know, and love wine!  It is our mission to introduce you to a bit of our world.  We won’t fill your glass with something wet and walk away.  You’ll learn a bit about the wine you are tasting, about food and wine pairing and hopefully increase your appreciation of the stuff!  This is definitely one thing that sets us apart!

We would recommend that you provide prizes to the winning teams.  We offer a variety of wine and food related gifts that would work well for the prizes

This experience includes light appetizers as well as the meal you cook, 5 wines, instructor Chefs and a Wine Professional.  This is a 2.5 hour event.

Sample Menu:
Spring Is In The Air
Sautéed Scallops Over Arugula Tossed In Lemon Vinaigrette
Roasted Chicken with Mushroom Marsala & Garlic Herbed “Pasta” (Veggie Noodles)
Panzenella Salad (With Pita)
Red Wine Poached Pear with Dark Chocolate

$115 per person*
Minimum 12 people.
Add $300 for the team competition.
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Doesn’t quite meet your budget requirements?  We have ways to lower the cost such as lowering the number of wines or choosing menus with lower food costs. Please inquire!

The party is always in the kitchen!  But this party will have the long lasting benefit of bringing your team together!

Blind Wine Tasting Challenge

Guests will unwind with a reception wine.  A Blind Wine Tasting Challenge will ensue!  We will split your group in two teams each led by a sommelier.  We can either build the challenge around which wine is the most expensive/least expensive.  Or we can ask the teams to determine the main grape in each of the wines served for the evening.  OR BOTH!

We recommend that you provide prizes to the wining team.  We offer a variety of wine and food related gifts at a variety of price points that work well for the prizes.

Guests will spend the evening mingling, trying wines and foods and negotiating with team members on the best answers to put forward.  Our knowledgeable staff and credentialed instructor will also be on hand to address those who are interested in learning more about the wines.

This experience includes food, 5 wines and instructor.  There are 3 levels of catering priced as outlined below.  This event is a 2.5 hour event.  Minimum 16 people.

Level I catering, $50 per person *

Level II catering, $62 per person *

Level III catering, $75 per person *

Large Group Competitions

For groups larger than 30, we have a unique way of including them all in a memorable
evening of team building!  As your guests arrive they will be greeted with a reception wine.  The group will be split in half.   You will inquire advance if the guest is more interested in a wine focused (Group 1) or cooking focused (Group 2) experience.

Your host Sommeliers for the evening will introduce themselves.  They will split the wine focused group further into two teams.  The instructors will explain the team building exercise in store for them that evening.  It will be a Blind Wine Tasting Challenge!  The two teams will have to determine which wines are the most expensive/least expensive.  The competition will last approximately one hour.

deb-300x199COOKING COMPETITION (Group 2):
Your guests will be introduced to their host Chefs for the evening.  Guests be divided into two teams and will don their aprons and begin cooking under the guidance of their Chefs.  Each team will prepare the same two tapas. They will also be invited to enjoy wines while cooking.

Once the competitions are complete, all guests will enjoy a buffet of hors d’oeuvres and the tapas created by the cooking teams.  As guests enjoy the wines and foods, the winning teams will be announced!

We would recommend that you provide prizes to the winning teams.  We offer a variety of wine and food related gifts that would work well for the prizes.

Please request a custom proposal for this option.  Prices will vary depending on the number of people and the amount of food you would like to serve your guests.  This is a 2.5 hours event.  Minimum 30 people.


*Prices subject to change.  Other minimums may apply.  8% tax and 22% gratuity will be added to your final bill.
Please note: no event date is confirmed until a 50% deposit has been paid and a contract has been signed by client.


Please contact us regarding your private event.  We are happy to customize a proposal for you based on your budget and the goals for your event.  We can work with most every budget and provide stellar customer service.
Contact: Lelia Bryan
Email: Lelia@VinoVenue.com
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