StuttgartDinner68-300x200In 2005, we decided to recreate a Chef’s Table experience we had (the idea of allowing guests to dine IN THE KITCHEN, thus watching Chef work) but rather than limit it to 4 guests, we would take it up to 20 guests.  And (unlike a restaurant) we would dedicate a sommelier to the table for the evening.

Thus the LIVE Wine Dinner was borne, and since that time we have provided it for 100% corporate clientele.  Businesses like Barclays, American Express, and Fidelity have utilized us to entertain their guests with this novel approach.  Today, however, we are taking the same experience and making it available to the public.  Instead of having to provide a minimum headcount of 16 for the event to occur, now you can buy a single seat to the experience.  This is will be a unique culinary experience to share with someone special, a memorable way to celebrate the holidays, or a smart way to entertain clientele.  In fact, entire tables may be purchased for the evening.