It’s no surprise that customers rate the VV wine club #1 in Atlanta. In addition to competitive levels of membership, best overall value and the flexibility to choose from a wide selection of styles each month, the numerous other perks that come along with membership alone make this a must-do for the true wine lover. Vertical-Tasting-300x200Wine club members get exclusive access to limited distribution wines, special discounts, trade-up options and complimentary admission to our weekly wine tasting and other pop up wine events throughout the year. Best of all, wine clubbers get to look forward to our incredible wine club dinner, a five-star, four-course Chef’s Table-style meal paired to perfection with reserve wines by your own personal Sommelier. 

Our summer wine club dinner kicked off with a vertical tasting of 2004-2006 Detert Family Vineyards Napa Valley Cabernet Franc alongside a 2007 VV favorite, McKenzie-Mueller Cabernet Franc. We savored these incredible wines over a beautifully served platter of Cabot and Kerrygold cheeses, courtesy of our sponsors. The remarkable differences among vintages was an instant conversation starter, not that this group ever needs an icebreaker. The wine club is much like an extended family, and good times are guaranteed anytime we all get together in one room; this special evening was no exception.

Third-Course-300x200The event room was transformed into a stunning dining room lit up by flickering candlelight reflecting off of the wine glasses lined up before us waiting to be filled with the carefully selected wines of the evening. As in all of our Chef’s Table dining experiences, we had an impressive view of the center stage, our open demonstration kitchen where works of art were being created before our eyes. Our sit-down meal began with a delightful pairing of Tempura Green Beans and Grand Cru Champagne. The crisp acidity and tingling bubbles were the perfect compliment to the crispy vegetables.

Second-Course-300x200As we savored every delectable bite, our Chef and Sommelier walked us through each course and pairing explaining both the preparation of the dish and the rational for the wine selection. Our guests were next treated to flaky Flounder Flambé served atop a spinach and purple asparagus salad with an orange brandy vinaigrette. The flavors in the dish leapt from the plate with each sip of the accompanying juicy Provençal rosé.

Fourth-Course-300x200The bold flavors of the third course, Bacon-Wrapped Venison Loin and roasted vegetables, were perfectly matched with an Italian Amarone, the renowned red wine of Northeast Italy. These full-bodied and powerful wines from the Veneto beg for rich, succulent dishes and this melt-in-your-mouth venison fit the bill. The equally decadent dessert defied conventional rationale and pushed pairing principals to the extreme. Have you ever experienced blue cheese mousse and dark chocolate and vintage Port all at the same time? The combination of flavors and textures is pure bliss and a culinary experiment worth repeating time and again. This is just one of the many perks that sets the VV club apart from the rest and makes ours so much more than just another wine club, but rather an open door to new experiences, new friendships and new discoveries. Cheers!